Original Story, Lyrics & Music Composer, Director

Since he was 14, Hsuan has acted, directed, composed, edited, conducted around 70 music/video/drama/musical/choir/performing arts event. In the period of SEA, he has been invited as prime judge, commentor, host; has has published his reviews on newspaper and magazine frequently.

Hsuan was a broadcast host at a Taiwan National Broadcast Radio Station (BBC)for two years.During the period of time, he has been credited as “Most influential man who under 20″, “Most popular broadcast host 1998″, “The Youngest Millionaire 2002″, “The most creative trainer among of trainee industry 2010″. Hsuan has been interviewed by many of medias, such as radio, magazines, multi-language newspapers, T.V. and many of social media.

Culture and Arts are the important and professional hobby for Hsuan. He ever conducted grand orchestral, 100 singers choir performance, and his original digital music and technology composition piece “The first symphony “Cloud” has been exhibited at Hua Shan performing arts centre for 2 months. This piece contented classical music, electric equipments, interactive setups and video arts. Berkeley University CA. professor Dr. Tygar commented this piece as “Amazingly creative, world standard master piece.”

Hsuan’s full scholarship has been offered by Yale University because of this piece as well. Hsuan also performed at Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vienna, Hong Kong, Japan as producer/creator/director/actor/instrument player for musicals, choir, drama…such as grand musical “The last story of end of the winter”, “La Mer, Debussy’s dream”, Music drama ” Crazy Xmas eve”, Kids’ musical “The King of the Mars”, “A Long Hair”, “Lawuita, the musical”. He also sang as a tenor and several solos, musicals, and Choir.



Claire was a well experienced actress in musical drama. She was invited to perform in many musical from different countries. She is always full of cheer and in good spirits, a down-to-earth yet influential trainer in our major events.

Backed by the experiences in education industry and performing art, her alert, cheerful, sensitive, determined and self-assured personality always influence and drive the growth of youngster undergoing training. She areas of personal growth and motivation, character building, communication, creativity and dealing with negative attitudes throughout the trainings.


Lighting and Sound Manager

Backed by IT background, Wei Hong (aka Kiwi in the team) is really a passionate tech-savy. At the young age of 20s, he shows his dedication and teamwork in bringing the performance into success. His analytical mind always guide him in striving for the perfection, to show our audiences how the combination of light and sound could let you immerse into the performance.


Fundraising Manager, Program Coordinator

Cloud takes care of the fundraising and publicity of the performance. Cloud has great passion and true faith in delivering the message of this performance – Life Education, Art and Environmental Issue to the corporate, authorities and the public in our nation. She also responsible in maintaining the relationship with corporate and media to bring the performance into a greater platform.